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Slow North Meditation Stone

: Labradorite

Meditation Stones Include a cotton pouch for safekeeping.  Hold them in your hand as you set your daily intentions.

Amethyst: known to invoke peacefulness, strengthen intuition, balance emotions, and promote spiritual awareness.

Deeply healing and closely associated with the divine, Amethyst promotes mental clarity and positive energy. It allows us to tap into our creativity with a calm, focused mind, encourages profound transformation, and may protect against misfortune.

A perfect stone for the zodiac signs: Aquarius + Pisces

Labradorite: thought to calm the mind, boost intuition, invoke courage during times of change, and improve communication.

Also known as the stone of transformation, labradorite may be powerfully healing, helping to calm overactive thoughts and kickstart creativity. It promotes a deeper connection to our higher purpose, aids us in letting go of what no longer serves us, and encourages us to harness our own transformative power.

A perfect stone for the zodiac signs: Pisces + Leo + Libra

Rainbow moonstone: known to restore emotional balance, spark creativity, and promote mental clarity.

Also known as the stone of new beginnings, rainbow moonstone is rich in divine feminine energy that encourages you to embrace life's transformative cycle, form a deeper spiritual connection with the universe, and draw closer to your own intuition.

Sunstone: known to boost mood, promote self-empowerment + optimism, and cleanse negative energy. Hold it in your hand as you set your daily intentions.

This stone of good fortune, believed to harness the power of the sun, sheds light during times of darkness and provides direction when all seems lost. It's known to bring forth joy and vitality, clearing negative energy to make way for renewed personal power and encouraging us to rejoice over even the smallest things.

A perfect stone for the zodiac signs: Leo + Libra

Tiger's Eye: known to encourage self-confidence, clear energy blockages, and awaken inner strength.

Warm and grounding, the tiger's eye meditation stone pushes us to approach obstacles head-on with a clear mind and a steady hand. Its sunny energy promotes optimism, eases depression, and encourages an active, fearless approach to life.

A perfect stone for the zodiac signs: Gemini + Leo + Capricorn

Stone's size ranges from 1 ¼” to 1 ½”.