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Rael Beauty Organic Cotton Feminine Wipes


Clean Organic Cotton Body Wipes Made with Purified Water

When you're looking for the purest clean for your intimate areas, the search stops here. Crafted from ultra-soft organic cotton and saturated with purified water, your lady bits can enjoy that just-showered feeling any time of day, without disrupting your typical pH levels. Leaving you feeling fresh and clean while remaining fragrance-free for sensitive skin. 

How To Use

Wipe your intimate areas from front to back.

Organic Cotton Body Wipes are NOT flushable. Please dispose of them in a proper trash bin after use.

Safe for sensitive skin


Organic Cotton Body Wipes contain only two ingredients: 100% organic cotton and 100% purified water. Sterilized at 121ºC and individually wrapped, these cleansing cloths give you that fresh out of the shower feeling wherever you go.