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evolvetogether mini deo multipack


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Mini multipack - 3 natural deodorants

Everyday care. naturally effective.

Perfectly sized for on-the-go use or finding a fave scent, this mini trio of natural deodorants goes on clear, using advanced fermentation technology and an aluminum-free, plant-powered formula to absorb sweat, soothe skin, and neutralize tough odors. Plus, each mini multipack helps Take 3 for the Sea keep our oceans clean.

included scents

  • Havana: soft, spicy, woody. Grounded in cardamom, violet, vetiver, and cedarwood.
  • Monaco: dry, sheer, floral. Grounded in rose, oud, patchouli, and mandarin.
  • Tulum: fresh, bright, clean. Grounded in lemon, sage, cedarwood, and patchouli.

what you get

  • 1 mini natural deodorant (Havana)
  • 1 mini natural deodorant (Monaco)
  • 1 mini natural deodorant (Tulum)

why you’ll love it

  • Neutralizes tough odors
  • Long lasting: ~120 uses
  • Water-based formula goes on clear (no white marks!)
  • Clean, plant-based ingredients
  • Soothes and restores skin
  • Minimal, gender-neutral scent and design made for everyone
  • Mini-sized for finding your fave scent or on-the-go!

how to use

  • Only apply (and reapply!) to clean, dry underarms — damp skin reduces effectiveness
  • Making the switch from anti-perspirant to natural deodorant? We’re here to help. Unlike anti-perspirants, natural deodorants block odors instead of good-for-you sweat. But, you may need to detox first to get the most out of your natural deodorant. We first recommend using nothing for 1 to 2 weeks and exfoliating daily with a natural fiber scrubber to help remove anti-perspirant buildup from your pores. After this detox period, your body should be rebalanced and ready for natural deodorant!


Propylene Glycol, Water (aqua/eau), Sodium Stearate*, Tapioca Starch*, Saccharomyces Ferment*, Fragrance (Perfume), Glycerin*, Phenoxyethanol and Caprylyl Glycol, Panthenol, Disodium EDTA, Triethyl Citrate (CitricAcid).

*Plant Based