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Carly Returns|Hair Care The Clean Beauty Way


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Carly Elizabeth Returns

This exclusive appointment is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about how to take care of their hair in a natural and healthy way.

During your one on one exclusive appointment, Carly Elizabeth will provide a scalp analysis, treatment, haircut, blowout, and styling tips for at home. You will also gain knowledge and confidence to walk away feeling like you can re-create the look you want at home.

Clean beauty is all about using natural and non-toxic ingredients in your hair care routine. Carly Elizabeth is an expert in this field and will share her knowledge and tips with you during your one on one appointment.

You will also receive a clean beauty hair pack to experience at home with any in-store purchase during your appointment. 

To reserve your 1.5 hour appointment please call/text 541-480-3252. Carly is taking appointments June 14 and 15. 

Client Testimonials

Carly is a genius when it comes to different hair types. I came to her for help with my thinning hair that was flat and seemed to be disappearing. Carly showed me tips I never would have thought of on my own on how to care for my scalp and hair. I have been raving to all my friends about her knowledge and can't wait until she comes back to Wren and Wild. 
Jennifer M.

When is Carly returning? I am patiently waiting for another appointment as I loved every minute spent with her. 
Syndey K.