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From Chase…

I have been passionate about skincare, the spa, and feeling enveloped in natural wonders - whether at the beach or in my bath tub - since I was a little girl.

Over a decade ago, I began to notice that while there were many clinical brands on the market that might offer short term cosmetic benefits and elegant wear, they were rife with ingredients I wouldn’t want on me or anyone else I loved.

On the other hand, the aisles of my favorite health food stores had these beautiful little botanical concoctions that were surely closer to Nature, almost craft in a sense, and yet they weren’t very effective, and they didn’t wear so well.

It truly seemed that Nature needed a dose of science, yet not devoid of the spiritual rightness of being in integrity with one another and the land.

Across the skincare industry, there were not enough formulas to serve those of us who are sensitive. Us sensitive souls needed better options! Whether you’re trying to conceive, pregnant, or nursing, navigating an autoimmune condition, goddess forbid managing cancer, or becoming reactive to commonly used actives, you deserve the results you desire.

Power and gentleness are not mutually exclusive. KYPRIS formulas are effective because they’re gentle, because they’re expertly crafted by chemists and engineers, clinically tested, and sourced, grown, and propagated by some of the world’s leading experts in regenerative technologies - in the lab and in the fields.

From this seed of desire and service, KYPRIS was born.

It is my deepest hope that you and those you love will use these formulas to greet your aesthetic desires, and to feel your absolute most beautiful self.

With Love & gratitude,

Chase Polan

KYPRIS Founder, CEO, & Lead Alchemist


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