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Kindred Serum Magique


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The perfect Stem Cell formula to encourage cell turnover, aid in decreasing discoloration, and overall skin health.

A well-balanced combination of Hawaiian sea silt for increased hydration, an antioxidant boost with apple and argon stem cells, gentle resurfacing with sake yeast, rich moisture from American caviar oil, and reduced discoloration with the capillary aid of vitamin K.

Nightly use will provide cumulative improvement of skin texture, plumpness and overall brightening of the face.

1 oz. 

How To Use

Apply a few drops each night to cleansed skin. Allow the serum to completely penetrate (5 to 10 minutes) before applying additional moisture. 


(all organic unless marked*):
Calendula oil, Evening primrose oil, Rosehip oil, Sea silt*, Sake yeast*, Caviar oil*, Vitamin K*, Apple stem cells*, Aspen bark*, Geranium oil, Sake extract*.