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8 Faces

New York, After living a hectic lifestyle as a TV producer, I noticed stress-related changes to my skin and wanted to create products that are highly effective and easy to use.

Sourcing Ingredients

Our formulations are non-toxic, organic, cruelty-free, and internationally compliant. Clinical actives are non-cultivated, concentrated, and developed from rare ingredients without endangering the eco-system.

Testing Texture

We want to help you create positive self-care rituals that support your skin and soul. For us, it's more than just a product but an expression of doing something good for yourself. Our products are always luxurious and never greasy.

Combining many of the unique ingredients I sampled on my travels, I spent two years perfecting a blend of active botanicals that would nourish my skin and give instant visible results.

Inspired by the World

Our journey started across the globe, sourcing and sampling ingredients from a variety of regions. We love discovering new beauty rituals and the stories that surround them. We will continue to seek out the most beneficial, potent and rare organic ingredients.

Keeping it Simple

We create elevated skincare products with a focus on efficacious formulas that delivery a sensorial experience.

8 Faces

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