We are here for you. Let’s meet virtually face to face and chat about your skincare and makeup needs. You might have questions or are wondering what is the right product for your skincare routine or makeup application. 
Every individual has a skin type that is unique depending on age, genetics, climate, and diet, which is why a proper routine can make or break your skin.
Enjoy a virtual chat with one of our skincare and makeup clean beauty experts.  You will learn about the benefits of using plant-based skincare while finding the right products for your skin type. We can also match foundation choices, recommend color options and more. 

Mandy Butera

I founded Wren and Wild with the vision of clean beauty for everyone. A place to experience well being through beautiful natural skincare, cosmetics, and nourishing elixirs.


Everyone should have the opportunity to look and feel their best without the worry that comes with conventional products.


 I am a professional makeup artist and skincare expert with 25+ years of experience in the industry. My work has been featured in films, videos, print publications, on brides, and on so many beloved clients. I love making you look good so you can feel good. 


I am a Vinyassa and Aireal Yoga Teacher as well as a certified holistic nutritionist through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. When I am not doing all the things that are Wren and Wild I am enjoying the great outdoors in my beautiful home city of Bend, Oregon.

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Carly Olinger

I was born and raised by the beauty industry. Growing up with our owner Mandy Butera as my mom, how could I not? My first real job was at the skin and makeup counter, and since then I have stayed in that world. I absolutely love all things wellness. I’ve always had an eye for natural beauty and the gift to help others enhance theirs. Whether you need help building your skincare regime, picking out a few items for your loved ones, or simply choosing which foundation color that is right for you, I’ve gotcha!


I will tailor your Clean Beauty Connection perfectly to fit your needs. 


When I’m not helping people with their clean beauty needs, you can find me in Austin, Texas out and about! I love hiking with the family, or as I call it “The Zoo”. I have two older dogs “The Golden Girls”, 3 kitties, and 2 kids! My husband and I are often found on the river or heading down to the Texas coast.

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