I Do Declare October’s Full Moon

Woman Moon Aries

I Do Declare! October’s Full Moon

Sunday’s Full Moon is rising in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac where it’s all about ME.

And you.

Well, us, really.

With prideful, individualistic Aries sitting opposite harmonious and relationship-loving Libra, we’re approaching a potentially tense time of reviewing how and who we are in relation to the whole. Painful or embarrassing realizations, exposure of deeply buried emotions and tending to the skeletons in the closet are all on tap as we groove through another astrological alignment designed to upgrade us into our best selves. While the possibility for personal or relational scandal is strong, benevolent Jupiter is softening the blow, turning crisis into opportunity.

Align with Aries’ beast-mode mentality this weekend with a nod to the cosmos through a moving meditation or ritual practice. Here are some of our ideas.

Speak On It

Aries is sooo the sign that wants to speak to the manager. Shameless self-promotion, bold requests and spelling out exactly what you want are all activities fully-sanctioned by the Aries Full Moon. Embody the energy of the ram this weekend and speak up on something you really desire. The Aries mantra is “I Am”; complete the sentence with something you really want to embody, repeat it often, and know the universe is listening. Even if your ideas aren’t fully formed yet, experiment anyway and see where you can gain some traction.

Get Mental

What’s your state of mind like right now? Overworked? Under-stimulated? As Aries rules the head and mind, give yourself time this weekend to feed or fast your brain back into balance. If you find yourself on decision-making or detail-analyzing overload, step away from the world for a few hours in favor of a “mindless” project like raking leaves or a hobby that involves using your hands. If you’re feeling restless and bored upstairs, take advantage of technology and get lost in a new podcast or docuseries, or find an online tutorial for something new you’ve wanted to learn.

Let It Burn

Ready to do away with something no longer serving you? Light a match and let it burn, Aries style. As the first fire sign of the zodiac, Aries brings a white-hot desire to reconnect with yourself and relinquish the restrictions or distractions of the past. Get anything you’re raging about out and onto paper and let the inferno do the rest. Don’t pick up any arson charges along the way, but know that fire is a powerful destroyer and purifier. As your candle or small bonfire burns, visualize any negativity or pain being released along with the smoke.

The Aries Full Moon is another powerful step of the journey we’re all on towards realizing who we really are and why we came here.

This weekend prioritize yourself in the context of being the best version of you to best serve the rest of the world – we need you out here!

Remember love and kindness above all, and good luck!

* first image via Cosmic Collage
* second image via Medium
* others from Unsplash