Tough Love – July’s Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

red planet in dark space photo

Full Moon Rising

July’s Full Moon is rising in the hardworking, authoritarian sign of Capricorn, reaching its peak and coinciding with a partial lunar eclipse on Tuesday, July 16.

You know that satisfied-from-the-soul feeling you get when you’ve overcome something?
That could totally be you… later.

This month the moon is pouring down the potent truth serum that despite allll we’ve been working through lately, when it comes to the long game, we’re still overcoming. Something is being eclipsed in your life right now: a pattern, a relationship, an outdated version of yourself.

If you’ve been clinging hard to what you know needs to go, the eclipse could kick off an exciting ride to make room for what’s fated to come in.

The path being shown to us now is an invitation to stretch the limits of what we previously thought was possible.

Full moons are known for their drama. And with an eclipse turbocharging the intensity, things could feel a bit extreme while luna is working her magic on us. Get into the flow of the cosmic current with a moving meditation or ritual practice.

Here are some of our suggestions.

Sacred self-care

Most of us probably have a self-care routine we turn to when we need to relax or recharge. This month, see about making your self-care an act of celebration. Eclipses are emotionally heavy times that can make it easier to get hung up on “shoulds” or cringey reflections of the past. But the energy we’re going for this moon cycle is about redemption and reclamation, not blame. Be gentle with yourself and honor your own unfolding with a self-care ritual that celebrates all that makes you, you.

Get outside

Earth element signs like Capricorn thrive on contact with the Earth.

Get outside under this eclipse portal, whether going on a hike, working in your garden or taking a minute to truly appreciate a beautiful landscape.

Earth signs are highly sensory and the feeling of the ground beneath your feet, a breeze or the sunshine on your skin can be incredibly healing right now.

Nourish according to the zodiac

Get further connected to the power of the full moon by indulging in foods and herbs that complement the grounded, back to basics nature of Capricorn. Capricorn rules the skeletal system, so load up on foods high in calcium and magnesium that support bone health. Leafy greens, almonds and animal products (if tolerated) are all good choices. Herbs like comfrey and mullein are rich in minerals that support our bones, and are on the list of Capricorn’s guardian herbs along with horsetail, plantain and yarrow.

Ready to howl at the moon?

Eclipses aren’t all doom and destruction, dears. Ultimately, these astrological events are bringing us closer to the most idealized version of ourselves in the most practical ways possible. Capricorn is like the strict father of the solar system. Dad’s home, and it’s time to roll up our sleeves and do the work it takes to create the best for ourselves.

Interested in learning more about what the Capricorn Full Moon has in store for you?

Look at your birth chart to see which house the eclipse falls in and the areas of your chart ruled by Capricorn. These are the areas of your life where you’ll be feeling the burn – or bliss.