Interview with Petal Wagon’s Angie Santana

Angie Santana of Petal Wagon | Wren and Wild in Bend Oregon

In celebration of our love for flowers and just in time for our Spring Fling Pop Up event this Wednesday, we chatted with the Petal Wagon’s Angie Santana about her mobile pop-up flower truck, her favorite flowers for spring and (obviously) a bit of clean beauty.

Spring has sprung here in Bend and we’re so excited about all that the season brings: warmer weather, sunshine, and of course, the flowers! If you’ve stopped by our store or browsed our Instagram, you know we absolutely live for plants of all kinds, and can never resist a beautiful bouquet of gorgeous flowers.

What are your favorite flowers to welcome in spring?

I can’t wait for the cherry blossoms to bloom! They represent the beginning of summer to me. The first hot days of spring the trees come alive with bees, and just sitting there in the shade listening to them work away is music to my ears.

Besides playing with beautiful flowers all day long, what’s your favorite part about the Petal Wagon?

There’s so many fun things about the Petal Wagon, but I’d have to say my favorite is watching the kids come up to her (the wagon) with big smiles to pick out flowers.

What inspires you to share your love of flowers through the Petal Wagon?

I’m inspired by all the local farmers who work so hard to bring us all these beautiful flowers. Supporting our local farmers has been a very important part of the Petal Wagon.

Tell us about your favorite flower.

I most admire the Protea. I was able to attend a dinner in the fields of The Resendiz Brothers Farm in Fallbrook California with my husband and best friend, and in that moment they became the flower that will always take my breath away.

What is your favorite plant-based beauty ingredient?

Wild Folk’s Palo Santo Shimmering Body Oil. The scent is intoxicating. And it represents sunshine & sun dresses! Yay!

What is the most important lesson you learned in the last year?

My most important lesson this year is that long walks in the woods are really important.

Where can we find the Petal Wagon around town this summer?

We’re very excited for our annual Mother’s Day event with Vanilla in The Old Mill and Sole Foot Bar. We’ll continue hanging out at The Old Mill throughout the summer and popping up at different locations and events around town. And hopefully more fun events at Wren & Wild!

Come meet Angie and make a bouquet from the Petal Wagon at our Spring Fling Pop Up on April 12th!