What Is Clean Beauty?

What Is Clean Beauty? Wren and Wild Has the Answer | Bend Oregon

If you’ve been following our blog or social media, you hear us talking a lot about clean beauty. At Wren & Wild, clean beauty is the foundation of our business and the concept that inspires us to bring you and your family only the best in safe and effective personal care products.

But what does “Clean Beauty” actually mean?

Today’s post is dedicated to just that. You might be surprised to learn there is no official definition of clean beauty. In fact, many beauty buzzwords we’re seeing lately have no substantive meaning – meaning they aren’t regulated by the FDA. That means words like “natural”, “pure”, and “botanical” have no enforceable definition, and can literally mean anything.

A recent article in the New York Times discussed the free-for-all business that is the personal care industry, stating the $70 billion-a-year behemoth is largely comprised of products that are being governed by regulations that haven’t been updated since 1938. Eek!

Considering these already minimal regs haven’t been updated in most of our lifetimes (shoutout to our octogenarian readers!), the responsibility is on us to read the ingredient labels of products we choose to put on our bodies.

What Clean Beauty Is Not

While an official definition for clean beauty might lie with the beholder, let us be clear on what clean beauty is not.

At Wren & Wild, clean beauty is products without any suspected or proven toxic chemical ingredients that are linked to hormone disruption, allergies, irritation, autoimmune disorders, cancers and more.

We thoroughly (and perhaps obsessively) research and test our brands, offering only products made with ingredients that meet our rigid standards for being safe, non-toxic, effective and pronounceable.

We know exactly what’s in the products we recommend to you, so you don’t have to worry.

Is Clean Beauty Just A Trend?

To us, clean beauty is more than a trend. We believe clean beauty is a lifestyle where looking your best includes feeling your best, from plant-based ingredients that nourish the body to the peace of mind of knowing that what goes on your body (and therefore into your body) is safe.

At Wren & Wild, clean beauty means self-care products mindfully and responsibly created with ingredients that have your best interest in mind.

Each of our 50+ brands has been vetted to ensure each product we offer supports your wellbeing and our beautiful planet – all while making you look and feel fabulous.

Clean beauty is about the empowerment that comes from knowing exactly what’s in the products you put on your skin or ingest into your body. You have control over what you choose to put on your body, so exercise it!

Starting your clean beauty journey can be as simple as switching out one product at a time.

Stop in store, give us a buzz, or hit us up on social media – we’re here to help you make the switch!

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