Why Natural Deodorants Take Patience

Deodorants – A Good Place To Start Your Clean Beauty Journey

When it comes to clean beauty, we’ve noticed deodorants are one of the first pit stops (no pun intended) new beauties make when entering the world of plant-based products. We’ve all probably heard about the harmful chemicals used in traditional deodorants, and for a product we use daily, it’s an easy place to start reducing your exposure to unnecessary toxins.

If you’ve yet to dip a toe in the green beauty world and are curious about making the switch, read on to learn why deodorants might be a simple yet effective place to start your clean beauty journey.

Before we bring you over to the green side, let’s talk about traditional deodorants and why they get a bad rap.

Most of the buzz has been around antiperspirants, which use aluminum chloride to form a “plug” in the pores to block sweat from reaching the skin’s surface. Antiperspirants have gotten the side eye both from the perspective that sweating is a healthy, natural way of releasing accumulated toxins, and the fact they expose our highly-absorptive underarms to chemicals like aluminum and other allergens and irritants. Research varies on the harmful effects of these substances in the body, but with so many natural alternatives available, why take the chance?

By using deodorants formulated with only earth-found ingredients like charcoal and arrowroot powder, you have peace of mind of knowing what you’re putting on your skin (and therefore what goes into your body) is safe.

To the Natural Deodorant Naysayers

Before we continue with our ode to deods, we must admit we’ve heard our share of natural deodorant naysayers who’ve found these plant-based alternatives ineffective or even irritating. Truth be told, there is a transition period for most who wean off chemical-laden traditional deodorants. The result is a you-but-funkier scent for a couple weeks while the bacteria under your arms self-regulates back to homeostasis – but we promise this too shall pass.

Ride out the transition phase with an extra swipe of your natural deodorant as needed and avoid bouncing back and forth between traditional and natural deodorants, we know you’ll love the results once your body adjusts.

And as for irritation? Most natural deodorant irritation comes for formulas that contain baking soda, whose high alkalinity can create an abrasive quality on the delicate skin of our underarms. As it turns out, what keeps the refrigerator fresh and clean doesn’t work so well for our pits. Fret not beauties, we carry baking soda free deodorants at Wren & Wild.

Toxin-Free Deodorants

When it comes to toxin-free deodorants, one of our favorites is Kaia Naturals’ line of charcoal based deodorants. Available in yummy scents like Juicy Bamboo and Cold Pressed Rose, these natural deodorants harness the magnetic power of charcoal to draw toxins from the pores and neutralize odor.

Another favorite is Vapour’s AER Next Level Deodorant, a super potent plant and mineral blend with a silky gel-to-powder finish. We love the boost we get from their essential oil-powered formulations; our favorite is the Palo Santo Orange combo.

Have you made the switch to natural deodorants?

Starting your clean beauty journey can be as simple as switching out one product at a time. Stop by the store, shop online, or give us a buzz to get started!