Interview with Elizabeth Buchanan of Cleaner Living NW

nterview with Elizabeth Buchanan of Cleaner Living NW | Wren and Wild in Bend OR

You know we’re all about plant-based beauty here at Wren & Wild, so it’s probably not a stretch to assume our love for all things green extends to what we use to clean our home. Just as we avoid applying chemicals on our skin, we love using clean cleaners to keep surfaces toxin-free, improve indoor air quality and for the peace of mind that our floors are safe for kiddo and pet playing (and maybe even the occasional lick).

Elizabeth Buchanan of Cleaner Living NW

This week on the blog we’re highlighting another local lovely who shares our passion for providing plant-based products to our community and beyond. Elizabeth Buchanan is the founder of Cleaner Living NW, a Central Oregon based cleaning service that meticulously cleans local homes and businesses using their own line of eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products.Elizabeth-Buchanan-Cleaner-Living-NW

Elizabeth began her cleaning career in Portland, where she turned to so-called natural commercial cleaning products to help her get the job done. What she found was that many cleaning products claiming to be “green” actually weren’t, and in fact contained known allergens and irritants that left Elizabeth coughing while using them and with headaches for hours after. Beyond their toxicity, Elizabeth found these products weren’t the most effective cleaners.

Elizabeth Insists on using only Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

When she founded Cleaner Living, Elizabeth insisted on using only non-toxic cleaning products for the health of both her clients and her staff. “I was seeking a product that would be an effective, antibacterial cleaner and something that was non-toxic”, she says. After some research, Elizabeth found a formulation that satisfied her need to be green without compromising effectiveness.

The result is Nurturals, a 100% naturally derived cleaning concentrate that Cleaner Living uses to clean literally everything to sparkly-perfection for their clients, from kitchen counters and bathtubs to carpets and upholstery. And its awesomeness doesn’t stop there: Nurturals is food safe, odor-neutralizing, and can even be used on pet fur to repel ticks and fleas.

What is this plant magic, you ask? While she can’t spill all on her proprietary cleaning blend just yet, Elizabeth tells us her Green Seal certified formula is derived from naturally occurring oils, fats, and other earth-based scrubbing agents. Nurturals also has the bonus of being unscented, and Cleaner Living clients have their choice of essential oils to mix in for an added aromatherapeutic benefit.

As she looks to expand her business in our region and beyond, Elizabeth is most enthusiastic about the opportunity to educate clients on the cleaning power of plants. “There can be a perception that in order for something to be cleaned effectively, harsh chemicals need to be used, and that just isn’t true,” she tells us. Elizabeth says her clients are often surprised when they learn their homes have been spotlessly-scrubbed with something entirely natural. “Plant-based doesn’t mean compromising effectiveness”. Now that’s a sentiment we can get behind.

For more information on Cleaner Living NW or Nurturals, check out their website at or give them a call at 541-668-0659.