Skin Care Resolutions for 2019

Eating healthier, exercising more, spending less… all the familiar refrains of new year resolutions. But what about resolving to take better care of your skin? We could probably all stand to step up our skincare routine in at least one area, and it sure sounds a lot more fun than reupping that gym membership we hardly used this year. From sun protection to finding the perfect serum, here are the skincare resolutions we’re sticking to in 2019.

Skincare Resolution # 1: Seriously, Sunscreen

Forever at the top of our list of skincare musts, commit to taking your sun protection seriously in 2019. And with safe sunscreen incorporated into so many of our clean beauty products, there are officially no more excuses to skip out on sun protection this year. We love skincare that multitasks, and are big fans of Suntegrity’s Lip C.P.R. lipstick that nourishes and protects lips with SPF 30. We also love Kari Gran’s Three Sixty Five broad-spectrum facial SPF 28 that shields both UVA and UVB rays. Mix in a pinch of your favorite mineral foundation for tinted sunscreen!

Skincare Resolution # 2: Commit to Clean Beauty

One of the best things you can do for your skin (and body) year round is committing to a skincare routine that incorporates products free of harmful chemicals, toxins, and animal products. You wouldn’t intentionally consume known toxins and hormone disruptors, so why put them on your skin by using conventional cosmetic brands? Starting your clean beauty journey can be as simple as switching out one product at a time.

We offer over 50 clean beauty brands that are cruelty free, environmentally sustainable, and safe and effective for the entire family.

Skincare Resolution # 3: Step It Up with a Serum

The powerhouse of a good skincare routine, consider incorporating a serum or two into your beauty ritual in 2019. Serums are lightweight elixirs with a high concentration of active ingredients that can target and treat every skincare grievance imaginable. Mix a few drops of serum with your favorite moisturizer to amp up your routine. Our best-selling line of Odacite serums come in a variety of formulations to address any issue you’d like to target. We love Odacite’s vitamin-packed Pf + O serum made with passion flower and orange essence for brightening our skin through the dull winter months.

Skincare Resolution # 4: I Will Always Remove My Makeup Before Bed

Even the most hardcore beauty addicts are guilty of this skincare sin from time to time. But no more! Clean up your act (and your pillowcases) in 2019 by resolving to remove your makeup each and every night before you go to sleep. Kesu (Japanese for “erase”) by one of our hometown faves, Bushel & a Peck, gently breaks down even the most difficult of products using just 4 ingredients and therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Skincare Resolution # 5: Moisturize More

Hydrated skin is happy skin. Make your skin look healthy today and reap the anti-aging benefits down the road by using a moisturizer morning and night. Go for a lighter weight formula for daytime (we love using Osea’s Atmosphere Protection Cream), and a thicker, richer moisturizer at bedtime (try Kindred’s Tamanu butter-based Intense Moisture). But really, any moisturizer is better than none, so get to it!

Skincare Resolution # 6: Get More Sleep

Beauty sleep is real. When we sleep, our body’s hydration is rebalanced, giving the skin more moisture and increasing blood flow so we wake up with a healthy glow. Getting enough sleep is essential for repairing, regenerating and restructuring the skin, so don’t skimp on your zzz’s this year.

Too restless to sleep? Try a natural supplement with herbs and adaptogens that relax body and mind, soothing you to sleep each night. We always keep Biocol Labs’ Something for Dreaming bedside, and we love to mix a bit of Moon Juice’s Dream Dust into our evening cup of tea. Good night and sweet dreams!

Now that you’re ready to jump into 2019 doing the most for your skin, shop in store or online for everything you need to get you there. And Happy New Year!

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