Winter Skin and Beauty Tips

Do you switch up your beauty routine as the weather changes?

Skin and Beauty Tips to Get You Through The Winter

It might seem a little extra, but our skin and hair care needs evolve right along with the seasons. As we transition into winter, just a few tips and tweaks to your regiment can prepare and protect skin for the colder months ahead. Read on for our winterization wisdom!

Winter Skin is Dry Skin

With winter comes colder, dryer air that can zap skin of its natural moisture and leave your complexion feeling dry and looking dull.

As temperatures drop, reach for your thickest, most hydrating moisturizer to help skin retain as much water as possible.  Lab to Beauty’s The Omega Fatty Facial Moisturizer is packed with skin hydrating fatty acids, and uses the power of CBD to help rebuild the skin’s protective barrier.

Oil based or cream cleansers are another winter-friendly option, as they’ll cleanse your skin without stripping its natural protective barrier. We love Olive + M’s Cleansing Oil with luscious castor oil and hydrating plant oils.

Chapped Lips Chapped lips.

Another common culprit of winter? Exposure to cold temperatures and blustery winds can leave lips chapped and flaky.

Try a non-abrasive exfoliant like Kari Gran’s Lip Scrub to gently remove dead skin from the lips, and follow up with a thick layer of nourishing lip balm.

When it comes to color, try a moisturizing gloss or tinted balm to help protect lips from winter weather. Bushel & a Peck’s Kayoko Tinted Balm gives lips the loveliest shade of pinkish-red and is packed with lip hydrating shea butter (bonus: you can use it on your cheeks, too!).

Your Hair During the Winter

Winter weather has also been known to do a number on our hair – from dry, lifeless locks that refuse to be styled to everyone’s favorite: hat hair. 

A hydrating shampoo can restore softness and moisture to the hair without weighing it down. Innersense’s Organic Hydrating Cream Hairbath boosts hydration from the inside out and nourishes the scalp along the way with coconut oil, shea butter, and tamanu seed oil. Follow up with the Cream Conditioner for extra TLC.

You can also hold onto hair’s natural moisture by spacing out shampoos in the dry winter months when the scalp is typically producing less oil. Try a dry shampoo for refreshing your tresses between washes. We love Refresh Me by Voce.

Winter Skin Still Needs Sunscreen.

And some final Tips for your Winter Skin and Beauty routine, remember that wintertime is no time to break from the sunscreen – you should include UV protection in your routine year round.

Check out our new Suntegrity Impeccable Skin Broad Spectrum SPF 30.

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We’ll help you take care of your skin, your hair, your lips this winter!

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