Wren and Wild Women Amanda Stuermer

What makes you a wild woman?

Besides Tequila? I feel like I was born a wild woman. I think we are all wild women at heart. Society tends to restrict our wildness, probably because there is nothing as powerful as a woman when she has re-discoverd her wildness.

What is your wildest dream?

I am a dreamer so I have lots of wild dreams. Currently my wildest dream is that we use whats happening in our country as a wake up call and we come together to dream up a new way of making America great.

What has been your wildest dream?

Being a mother has been my wildest ride thus far, I would not trade it for anything in the world.

Who is a wild woman you admire?

I had had the amazing fortune of working with some of the wildest, wisest women the planet from Seane Corn to Gloria Steinem I look up to all the women who claim their wildness and use it make the world a better place.

Amanda is the founder of World Muse a social change movement inspired by women and girls.

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