Holiday Tips For Less On The Hips!

The Festive Five LBS (or ten… sheesh, fifteen..)

Our top 10 tips on sticking to your health goals while enjoying the holidays.

Our philosophy at Wren and Wild is that “we are here for everybody and all bodies”, so naturally we’re less concerned about the number on your scale and more about your health and energy levels. As we launch into the holidays, here are some tried & tested ways to have fun, not deny yourself, while staying on the path to great health.

  1. Move. Every. Day. In fact, adding a brisk 2-3 mile walk every day for the next few weeks could keep you feel great, force you to take some deep breaths, not to mention burn off some of those egg-nog calories.
  1. Your body is often stressed by fat-laden, rich holiday foods, so start each day with a Braggs Apple Cider “cocktail” to help your body digest the exotic culinary delights. (Cider vinegar, warm water, ginger & lemon juice).
  1. Eat before you go out. No, really! Fill up on a big cup of herbal tea, raw veggies, or an apple… This way when someone brings out those cheesy, meat nachos, you’ll be able to taste them without inhaling the whole platter…
  1. Replace every 2nd alcoholic drink with soda water or an all-natural, no-calorie, flavored water like La Croix (we swear by this one). You’ll be amazed at how you can still enjoy the night without over-doing it.
  1. Decide on what treats you are going to savor and enjoy (for me it’ll be my brother-in-laws’ chocolate mousse) and then resolve, with a steely determination, to say no to the not-so-exciting candy or desserts at work, at parties etc. You’ll be amazed at how the promise of your favorite indulgences can help you navigate and avoid mediocre, extra calories. How many treats have you had already this month out of boredom, social anxiety or habit?
  1. Chew slowly. Eat mindfully. Take your time when eating.   
  1. Plan on enjoying a low calorie meal, preferably a liquid one for at least one meal per day during December (think green juice, a Moon Juice drink or low cal. smoothies- (no alcohol- we knew you’d ask…). This way any over-indulgences later in the day won’t add up to pounds.
  1. Have a second bowl of soup instead of the bread or buns served. Soup is filling, nourishing and full of veggies & fiber.
  1. Too much fun & rabble-rousing? Don’t believe the hype about a greasy fry in the morning or a hair of the dog cure. The best remedy for a hangover and your delicate digestive system is vitamins and nutrients delivered in a smoothie. Stock up in advance with coconut water (super hydrating and restores electrolytes), bananas (restores potassium & soothes your tummy) & frozen blueberries (powerful antioxidants to help the system reverse yesterday’s damage). If you happen to have some spinach (aids in detox and alkalinity) throw it and the above ingredients in a blender, add a teaspoon of honey (excellent mood elevator) and sip slowly. To make this a super drink, add in some adaptogens to restore micro-nutrients and truly get your system functioning optimally.
  2. Always wanted to start a yoga or meditation practice? Start today. There is nothing more depressing than starting January 1st. Starting a workout/ healthy regimen now means that you are less likely to over-indulge during the candy-cane season and that you will already be developing the great habit and gift of exercise.