Wren and Wild Women Kim Paxton-Hagner

What makes you a wild woman? 

I have always had a spirited “hell yes” women inside of me. With age she gets to come out and play more and more everyday. So I would say my growing ability to let go of the ‘shoulds’ and leap into the freedom of being a unique powerhouse makes me a wild woman.

What is your wildest dream?

To create a community gathering place, maybe a whole village that provides creatives, makers, musicians a space to make our world more beautiful and uplifting place to live in.

What has been you wildest experience?

Acting in  a locally made short film. I played a nagging wife that gets beheaded. So the scene with me laying at Drake Park all bloody with my head in a plastic bas was a very wild moment.

Who is a wild woman you admire?

My mother was the ultimate wild woman. She had the guts to learn to ride a Harley motorcycle at age 58 and then took a solo trip thought Florida Keys. She was up for anything.