Wren and Wild Women Kelly Thiel

What Makes You A Wild Woman?

I tried to live fearlessly in a lot that I do. It’s not always easy but I do try. I struggle with fears like everyone else. Fear makes you live small and that is not what I want .


What is Your Wildest Dream?

I would more balance and achievement and love in my life. Living a life I want to live. Being the person I want to be and I secretly want to live in Spain.


What Has Been Your Wildest Experience?

Wildest experience well other than popping out two children there was ice climbing on a glacier in Alaska in the middle of fricking nowhere. It was physically that hardest thing I have ever had to do. We took a helicopter in and dropped off at a glacier.  OK in my next life I want to be a stunt car driver. I love to drive fast.

And then opening The Wilds with two people I hardly knew and now today we are great friends with an amazing collaborativespace.


Who Is A Wild Woman You Admire?

My mother, who is deceased. She lived graciously and was by far the most her own person. She did not give a flying fuck about what people thought about her. She was so kind and generous. She was her own person.

Judy Dench, she is just bad ass. She is strong and living life as it should be lived.