Wren and Wild Women Leslie Blair Graham

What Makes You A Wild Woman?

My ability to go into any situation and feel comfortable from Burning man to a biz meeting. I do not color within the lines and never have. I am always looking for an adventure as I get bored easily and I  love to laugh stoned or sober.

What Is Your Wildest Dream?

I would love to travel full time rescuing animals. I want to speak up for those don’t have a voice in an impactful way.  I would love to start a company of asasin’s who rid the world of poachers and others.

So you will most likely find me living on a barge in the high seas as a gypsy assassin.

What Has Been Your Experience?

Getting married to my husband at the Ice Hotel in Quebec. It was a completely botched wedding and shady as hell from the moment we arrived. There were deer skins hanging everywhere, shedding, deer hair in my mouth. The walls were melting and we had to sleep in a separate sinched down sleeping bags so as to not freeze to death. I had booked a suite which was a cavernous ice block, never again. However I fell more in love with my husband after that experience.

Who Is Your Favorite Wild Woman?

Jane Goodall for obvious reasons, she is well spoken, always known who she was by starting at a young age giving up a conventional life for her dreams of a better world for animals.

Julia Junkin, Artist and serial entrepeneusr . She is the most grounded soul I have ever met, imparting wisdom to both children and adults.

Leslie can be found real estating around town and selling her gorgeous artwork and jewelry at various events. She is on social media @leslieblairgraham and @8leggedarts