8 Reasons Why Inversions are Good for You

When I first set out to try aerial yoga studio I had no idea how much I would fall in love with inversions. I started this practice to relieve symptoms of compression in my spine but really had no idea all the other fabulous benefits I would receive along the way.  I am so in love with aerial yoga inversions and think you will be too. Here are some of my favorites!

1. Reduce Inflammation in the body.

When you invert you are turning your world upside down creating circulation for the entire body which in turn reduces inflammation. This is key if you are trying to heal from injuries as it can help speed up the process of recovery by creating the flow of fresh blood to those injured areas.

2. Gain a new perspective on life.

Ever feel down in the dumps, frustrated, tired or sad. We all do at some point in life. Getting upside down literally turns your world upside down giving you a whole new view on life as well as stimulating your brain into thinking about problems in a whole new way. We often like to say love is in the air.

3. Reduces blood pressure.

It is a proven fact that a consistent practice of inversions will reduce your blood pressure. This practice done in conjunction with a healthy diet could extend your life.

4. Calms the central nervous system

This practice allows you central nervous system to reset allowing you to rest more peacefully. Inversions calm the parasympathetic nervous system which in turn brings about a feeling of . When you hang upside down there is a peace of mind that comes almost immediately. Another surprising benefit is how much better sleep has been.

5. Clear your thinking

Inversions deliver more oxygen to the brain helping you to think more clearly. All that oxygen and blood flow to the brain is revving up your brain cells helping you to think more clearly.

6. Lower Your Stress Levels

There are sneaky little hormones running around in your body created by stressful situations. You can help to maintain equilibrium by delivery fresh oxygenated blood to your cells which can help regulate hormones. You also will get instant muscle release when you hang upside down allowing the body to relax.

7. Want to look better?

You can change the way your skin and hair act with regular inversions. All that blood flow to the head creates more circulation to the hair follicles on your head creating stimulation and hair growth. Skin looking sluggish? Invert and you will see immediate benefits as blood flows to your face giving it a youthful glow

8. Keep your spine flexible and improve posture

As we age we begin to lose the jelly like material in our spine. We compress the spine with daily activity which takes its toll on the spine and joints. Inverting helps the body to become more fluid by stretching allowing the discs in your back to rehydrate and in turn helping with flexibility. This also will in turn help you maintain your height as you age. All that staring at your cell phone with your head bent over is also creating serious posture issues in the neck. Inversions help your body to relax relieving compression in your neck and spine.

Lastly getting upside down is so much fun! Giggles usually ensue just before the calm settles in. Feeling like a kid again is truly the best magic of all.